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Buy magic mushrooms .We have the largest assortment of magic mushrooms for sale. You can buy shrooms online, we have global shipping. Take your time browsing our large selection of spore syringes, spore prints, dried shrooms, and fresh magic mushrooms. We’re the best spore bank on the planet because we have taken the time to breed happy mushroom trips. If a strain is not mellow or happy, we don’t breed it because we want you to have the best shrooming experience of your life.

Welcome to the real magic mushrooms website. You are visiting the world’s one and only We are you authentic connection to rare fungi from around the world.

Magic Mushrooms for sale

Find award winning Magic Mushrooms USA, for all the states including Alaska. Americans love shrooming, as do most poeple around the world. We are fully prepared to go live once psilocybin becomes legal. There are many rumors that California and Colorado will be the first States to legalize it use. Browse our articles to find out more.

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Where to buy high quality mushrooms online? Look no further. We have the largest selection and the best spore prints at great prices. Buy from a reputable spoer bank and grow only the best bred mushrooms.


Here at mycoshroomshop “Shroom Room” we showcase the best psilocybin selections, including magic mushrooms, edibles and capsules at an affordable price! Also known as shrooms, mushies, psychedelic mushrooms or magic mushrooms, these fungi contain hallucinogens, usually psilocybin and psilocin, which offers users mind-altering “trips”. Magic mushrooms have been around and used by humans for thousands of years with many cultures consuming them for spiritual or religious practices. These days, as research broadens on the effects of psilocybin, studies are finding more evidence that these magic fungi have the potential to relieve anxiety and hold the key to understanding how to alleviate symptoms of depression. Modern usage of shrooms are often in microdoses to experience boosts of energy, creativity and uplifted moods, or for recreational usage are consumed in larger doses to experience amazingly euphoric psychedelic trips!

Shroom Effects

We specialize in educating you about Shroom effects. Inside you’ll learn all about micro-dosing mushrooms and how it can affect your body and mind. Maybe you’re not interested in micro-doses, so be sure to read up on recreational doses and safety measure you need to know before taking mushrooms.

We also breed amazing cannabis

Not only do we shrooms but we love cannabis just as much and we have the best cannabis seed connections in the world. There are so many great cannabis strains I think that they should all be tried. Better yet, I think they should all be home grown, because you’ll never have someone else take as good care of your plants as you do. So you should always try and grow as many strains as possible. It’s a great hobby and not too much work after your first go at it.

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Due to the nature of our products we understand the utmost importance of keeping your identity a secret

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All our mushrooms are grown in the most optimal settings possible. With years of experience and growing.

How to grow psychedelic mushrooms

More and more people are growing psilocybin mushrooms at home. As well as providing a reliable, year-round supply, home cultivation eliminates the risk of misidentifying mushrooms in the wild. For many growers, it’s also a fun, low-cost hobby.If you don’t know how to grow psilocybin mushrooms at home, you may be tempted to start with a mushroom grow kit. These ready-to-use packs contain a living mycelium substrate (the material underlying mushroom growth) that, in theory, you just need to keep humid.In reality, you’re better off starting from scratch. Making your own substrate is not only more consistent but, if you do it right, it should be less prone to contamination as well. There’s also not a huge difference in price and you’ll end up learning a lot more.

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